A Lesson From My BS

“A Lesson from my BS”

(“BS” stands for Bible Studying, of course!) On the other hand, it could quite possibly be lessons from the “other” BS in my life LOL but no matter what it is, at the end of the day, it can all be hashed out by applying biblical principles to it consistently. Don’t you just love a play on words?!

The posts in this particular section of my blog are derived from lessons/questions or “take-aways” I gather from my own personal study time in the Word of God. These posts will be different in the sense that it may simply be a mini message rather than the typical blog post. They will literally be my notes on paper–as opposed to trying to write in a format. Heck, I hope you’ll whip your Bible out and join me! In several ways, I hope to encourage people to know:

1) The Word of God is not boring

2) You can read the same thing multiple times yet walk away with new, fresh revelation each and every time [if you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you while letting go of “head knowledge”]

3) We may not all see things the same way, but we can certainly offer our perspective which can help those around us

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