{Not Always} Healthy Eating

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Like many of you, I am doing everything in my power to eat as healthy as possible.

It is extremely important to me to be a good steward over my body, because it’s the only one I’m going to get! If I don’t take care of it, who will?

However, unlike many people–I don’t pretend to have reached perfected in this area. I am a young lady, yet to arrive where I see myself being in life; I have two toddlers; and I am always on a budget! There are times when Chick-Fil-A or a southern (a.k.a. fat-filled) home-cooked meal at my mama’s house is what gets the job done! I do try to limit my intake of fried foods and especially processed foods. Throughout the week I do pretty well, but I do cut myself some slack on the weekends. Why? Because this is the time that I’m most likely spending with my whole family and I’m just out and about–making it more difficult to be home preparing meals. If I’m out with the kiddos and we decide to have an outing at the park–sometimes a $5 pizza from Little Cesar’s is what we do.

I think it’s important to not obsess over it. Often times people who do every thing right still end up having health issues, so just don’t forget to take it one day at a time and not let it over take you. Just live and let live and do the best you can. Don’t despise small beginnings in this. Change won’t just happen overnight, so give yourself a break sometimes. Personally, I believe every good choice is a step in the right direction. I may not be where I want to be with this, but incorporating organic recipes as well as increasing the amount of green foods I have in my diet are something I can say I’m proud of.

Throughout the week, I try to meal prep as much as I can (but even this is a challenge with two little boogers hanging on to my every move). I typically have a green smoothie for breakfast or boiled eggs with fruit and maybe a lean meat, such as turkey bacon. I almost always eat salads for lunch (and no, I don’t really get bored because there are limitless ways to switch it up!) Dinner varies, but as far as meats: I stick to fish (tilapia, whiting, salmon), turkey meat (usually ground turkey as an alternative to beef), and chicken (baked or slow-cooked is my preference). I also don’t have a problem eating the same foods over and over again as long as I know it’s healthy for me and doing the body good.

I treasure honesty, therefore I want you to know I’m not an A+ student in this subject (yet), which is why I call this “Not Always Healthy Eating.” I think too many people are trying to put on pretenses because they’re overly concerned about what others think of them and that’s what . In the same vain, many people only make these changes at certain times of the year in order to be “beach-body ready.” For me, this is a lifestyle change. This isn’t me trying to keep up with the latest fad or me trying to compete with whatever the new craze is. I simply want to be healthier all around and choose to live my life in a way that lines up with that. I also want to show my kids healthy habits so they can learn to do the same. And it goes so much further than food! But that’s another tab for you to click on :-)


Reasons for this lifestyle change:


* ME ; I want this for me if no one else was in the picture because I desire to be the best version of myself as I possibly can


* Hair ; this is also a way to maintain healthy hair and promote growth


* Skin ; since my adolescent years, I have struggled with skin problems, from acne to eczema, to allergy rashes, etc. I know that eating better and eating clean(er) will only be additional aids to these issues


* My kids ; I want them to have a healthy mom. They deserve the very best of me. I also want them to see this lifestyle up close and personal so they will know what the right choices are when it comes to their body’s health (it doesn’t mean they will always make the right choice, but at least they will know).


* Energy level ; I am in my early 20’s and sometimes feel 10 years older because I’m always exhausted. Much of this comes from being a working mom with a hectic schedule, but a lot of it comes from diet too. Therefore, I want to fuel my body the necessary nutrients that it takes to feel alive and at my best.


* Sleep ; I am absolutely sure that my sleep problems come from various sources, but I believe that eating better will help me sleep better


* Family ; A host of illnesses run in my family. Many of these sicknesses can be attributed to what is being put inside the body. As Americans, we are dying from so many preventable diseases. Key word=preventable. (No, I’m not saying every thing could have been controlled) but many things can if we simply changed our diet! Not only is it heart-breaking to see this happen all over the country, but watching it take place in the lives of those I love is eye-opening in a different kind of way. Many people in my family have a whole slew of health problems that I am going to try my best to combat by taking good care of this temple of mine. (Cancer, high-blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes…the list goes on…and on…and on). For those who say: Well eating right isn’t necessarily going to cure or even stop these problems! You may be right, but it can only HELP.


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