“Oil Pulling Method”

(Image: this isn’t me doing the “duck face” LOL I’m swishing around the oil. You should try it!)

 By now, you know I’m a huge fan of natural remedies that are created using “products” that God gave us on this earth. I’m a firm believer that He placed everything we need right here for us! And what better way than to use natural methods to cleanse our bodies inside and out?

I have been doing the oil pulling method now for as long as I’ve been doing the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method), so since about May 2014.

I won’t bore you with the lengthy details of it, because I can’t possibly explain it better than Wellness Mama can!

What I will say is that I have seen and noticed a difference in not only my oral health, but my allergies have been close to nonexistent as far as my seasonal ones are concerned. I recommend oil pulling for those who suffer from migraines, allergies, or whether you just want a whiter, brighter smile! It’s working for me!

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