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Stuff Every Woman Should Know

February 19, 2013
Stuff Woman

Here is just the beginning of a list of things I think every woman should know.

  • No one—and I do mean NO ONE—will ever be able to fill the space that is supposed to be reserved for God.


  • No man can ever love you like you need to be loved if he does not first love Christ.


  • It really does matter who you allow in your space—whether a friend, mate, associate, etc. Not everyone deserves your time and that’s nothing to feel bad about.


  • Having money set aside that you don’t touch unless it’s an absolute emergency  is a MUST!


  • Whenever you’re feeling down, get all dolled up—make yourself look beautiful, get dressed for no reason! It’ll make you feel better about yourself :-)


  • Never let your past dictate your future.


  • Don’t ever be dependent on a man to do anything for you. Even when you’re married, it’s okay to have certain expectations for your husband (i.e. Yes, he should change the tire if it goes flat and do other things that require real laborious chores if he’s around) but don’t ever deprive yourself of learning to do it on your own because you never know when you’ll need it; and you want to be able to do it whether he’s around or not.


  • If you’re married, as hard as it may be to believe this: the kids don’t come before your husband. The needs are different, yes, but don’t lose the relationship because you’re more focused on them.


  • Experience having your OWN before merging your life with someone else


  • Call your mother even when she gets on your nerves, because as much as we hate to think about it—she won’t always be here.
  • Show love to people who hate you. If they’re going to hate you for something, let it be because you rise above their negativity.
  • Read lots of books and immerse yourself among people with differences. It makes you well-rounded.
  • Never be too proud to admit when you’re wrong.

This isn’t nearly everything! But I’d love your participation :-)

Feel free to add to the list! I look forward to hearing what you all think.


(*Thoughts are my own, image is not. But I thought it was funny that there was a book with the exact same title).

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