The Man in Charge

November 9, 2016

As the initial shock wears off for many people this morning after waking up to the news that Donald Trump has, indeed, been elected as our next President—I couldn’t refrain from exercising my freedom of expression this morning as a means to release some frustration.

I’m going to start this off from a natural standpoint first. So before you totally dismiss me—just keep reading and maybe we can somehow find some common ground. First of all, I am not shocked by this news. Sure, I’m disappointed because I can see where this is headed (take that how you want), but I am not shocked. To be quite honest, I was not into this election at all because I could see the corruption all over the place and didn’t think we, as a people, were given a real choice. (But it was a time for us to show where our true trust lies, and again—my disappointment comes from seeing people who say they trust God do some awful things during this campaign). Don’t mistake this as a #TeamHillary protest *insert raised fist Emoji icon* because that’s not my angle. HOWEVER, like her or not—you cannot deny the fact that Hillary Clinton is highly qualified for the job and Donald Trump has no political experience. For some people, Trump’s lack of experience is what attracted them to him because they felt that he would bring a totally different flair to Washington, D.C. But some people merely voted for him because they still can’t picture a woman being in office—and that’s just prejudice. Others voted for him—not necessarily because they don’t want a woman in the White House—but they surely didn’t want it to be Hillary Clinton. Why? The reasons vary, but at the end of the day—it’s all hearsay because none—I repeat—none of us know that woman personally and we cannot say with confidence that she did, in fact, do all the things Republicans say she’s done. It’s fallacy, guys. Learn to think for yourselves. The only thing I can say about her that would be factual is that her behavior when she ran against President Barack Obama for his fight for the second term was disgraceful and distasteful, but she didn’t do anything that most politicians don’t/haven’t done—so why they choose to hate her so much for it, beats me.

I’m disappointed because to think that we, as a country, have regressed so very much is disheartening for me and anyone like me who values the steps taken to give people like myself a fair opportunity to succeed in this country. And the only people who would dismiss that statement are people who have never had to experience prejudice, racism, or unfair treatment simply because they don’t look like the “majority” race here in America. If you have been privileged enough to not have to go through anything like this—fantastic! But that doesn’t dismiss the fact that this is the harsh reality for many of us living here in the so-called “Land of the Free.”

This “Make America Great Again” crap—is just that: CRAP. It is filled with ideas on how to continue to suppress minority people—whether black, Asian, Latino, gay, or whatever! Forget about your views for one second (I am not saying let go of them completely, I’m saying release them for just a second to see another point of view): Is making another group of people feel inferior to protect your own rights and privileges positive or negative behavior? Yes, I just took it down to an elementary level for you, as if I were talking to my four- and five-year-old to get you to see something.

If you think you’re doing somebody a favor by suppressing them—you’re wrong. And many of you would never admit that’s what you’re doing—but no matter how you try to dress it up—it’s WRONG. Not ONCE did Jesus Christ Himself walk around condemning people for their ways or their lifestyle. You know what He did? He walked in LOVE and allowed that to speak louder than words ever could. So the next time you try to stand up for your beliefs—all in the Name of God—understand that it doesn’t involve bashing other people or putting them down because they don’t think look or act like you do. How will you ever win anyone over to Christ in genuine love with that type of mentality?

You think because the Republican party is good at claiming Christianity as their backbone that it means their beliefs fall in line with yours? And you think that because the Democratic party is more open to what you’ve been taught is wrong or evil—that it makes them demonic? They ALL have Satan’s handprint on them, if you really want to take it there!

You have to understand that your beliefs are YOUR beliefs. And this is coming from a proud follower of Christ who disagrees with much of what is accepted in this country. But guess what? It’s not up to me to dictate how anybody else in this world thinks or feels! Not even my children. All I can do is lead and guide them into the knowledge and truth of my Eternal God, but they will one day have to make a choice for themselves. Ultimately, all I can do is be the best person I can be and walk out what I say I believe. And supporting bigots who thrive off of putting others down is not my cup of tea.

I’ve heard people say things like, “True Christians would never vote for the Democratic party.” Whew…this one is loaded and I’ll never get into it all on here. First of all, why is your allegiance towards man-ordained governance stronger than your allegiance to God—the Creator of all things? As stated before, people get so bent out of shape based off of what the Republican party is SAYING rather than watching what they are actually DOING. Here’s an example, many Christians are pro-life/against abortion, so they automatically side with the Republican party because they “say” they’re against abortion. Yet, if you looked at the records of those who are getting these abortions—many of them classify themselves as evangelicals and/or as Republicans. But oh no, they “said” they’re against abortion so you just go with it. These same people, HATE Democrats because they opt to let women make the choice for themselves about what they do to their bodies. Now, would you rather have forced obedience or the ability to make a choice on your own about what is right or wrong? (That way, it’s just between you and the good Lord). I, personally, don’t believe in forced obedience (at least not with adults lol). So what if you think it’s a bad choice? Let people make their bad choices on their own. All you can do is live your life in a way that inspires them to be better.

Again, what too many people are unable to do in this situation is take their own beliefs out of the equation. What I’m saying to you is this: If an organization can decide for the majority of the people what is right or wrong—rather than individuals making their own choice—this is a set-up for destruction. If you say the former is okay, then how is that any different from them deciding where you worship or how you worship? Because that’s exactly what this dictatorship-type mentality is leading us to. All I’m saying about this piece is that, you can’t pick and choose when it’s okay for people to make their own choices or when the choice is made for them; with this, you’d only ever make it work in your favor. I, personally, am against abortion. (Because in my mind, it’s no different from murder, and if I say murder is wrong, then that’s wrong too. Besides, life is life and every child should have an equal opportunity to live). HOWEVER, my views have nothing to do with how someone else views this same subject, and it doesn’t make me feel as if I can’t stand in the same room as them. I understand why some women would want to get an abortion! (Which is blasphemous to some of you). Yes, I get it! If a woman gets raped and a child is conceived—should she be forced to keep that baby? Again, just because I would—I realize not everyone thinks like me. What kind of country would we live in if we were all forced to think the same way? (Well…maybe we’ll soon see).

I have a hard time understanding how people even take this man seriously, but I also realize they are the same ones who look at people sideways if they vote Democratic. No matter how heinous his actions and deeds have been, some people still find a way to excuse it—all in the name of forgiveness. Yet, that same grace isn’t extended in any other direction. For the people who say things like, “Real Christians Don’t Vote Republican”—I’d like to say, “How could you vote for someone like Trump?” This man is totally against foreigners entering this country, yet he’s married to one. How hypocritical is that? But again, people turn a blind eye. If there was any measure of grace in his heart, he would be trying to figure out how to bring about positive change—not build a wall. Anyone with a heart should be able to see that many of these people do not have other options when they come over here illegally! For them, it’s life or death! It’s not like it’s a cake-walk trying to become a citizen, but again—when we don’t try to put ourselves in other people’s shoes—we simply don’t care what their struggles are. And that’s a terrible, arrogant attitude to have. Don’t you realize that in order for you to be in this country—somebody in your family was an immigrant of some sort once upon a time? Not a single person in America is without “illegal alien” blood running through our veins. So before you start supporting this foolishness about immigrants not coming over here—be careful…you’re probably talking about a long-lost cousin.

Trump has succeeded in capturing the fear factor for people, and my disappointment today comes from seeing how so many people in this country still hold on to these views. People of European descent (a.k.a. white people)—particularly the men, have had their fears validated by this man for almost two years now. They’ve been able to hold on to racism and other prejudices because Trump promotes it; but…that’s what y’all want…someone who can’t communicate in a positive, selfless manner to save their life. Some of these white men have something in them that makes them believe that they have a right to be above everyone else—that they’re better—and that anything or anyone who is different is an automatic threat. That’s a shame.

There has been so much corruption in this country that has gotten us to this place, and that is why I’m not shocked we’re here in this position. When you continually do wrong (I’m talking about this country as a whole), you will reap the consequences. There was so much scandalous activity concerning voter registration—it’s not even funny. People who were registered—particularly young, black, first-time voters—were showing up to the polls and somehow told they hadn’t registered properly and were turned away. Yet, I heard on the radio that in many cities—plenty of Caucasian people showed up who were not registered at all, and they were assisted right away and able to register and cast their vote at the same time. That’s just one example, and if you don’t see the problem with that—you should really consider the faultiness of your thought process. And then you’ve got Caucasian men and women who marry outside of their race and/or have brown children, and they still support a guy like Trump who clearly degrades the people you say you love. I guess that gets to me because it makes me question whether these people—in their relationships—walk around with an air about them that even though they date or marry outside of their race, they still believe deep-down that they are superior. And let’s not even get into the African-American voters who voted for him; that’s just downright confusing. But to each their own.

Moving on, Latinos are the largest, quote-on-quote, “minority” (I say it like that because I just hate using terms, like minority, majority, privileged, etc). But anyway, they’re supposed to be the largest “minority,” so Republicans have come up with all these different loop holes to use this to their advantage. There are clauses out there that, basically, force some Latinos to remain faithful to the Republican party in order to maintain their citizenship and protect their families. Latinos do it, fearing their well-being and the well-being of their family, and the Republicans do this all to get a vote. But no one wants to see this fraud and deceit for what it is.

Now on the FLIP side of allllllllll this, GOD is STILL in control! He never left and will never leave. But here’s the catch: you have to be following Him to reap those benefits. God doesn’t force us to stay within the guidelines of His standards. That’s a choice we have to make personally. As you can see, America has pretty much chosen her fate by disregarding what God wants. But does that mean that we, as individuals, stop living up to what God as for US? NO! It means we do it all the more.

America isn’t going to get “better” with a Christian president. America will get better when us BELIEVERS decide that we are going to live in such a way that respects the fact that we all have to answer to God one day—but we focus on making sure we’re lining up correctly. God doesn’t call us to put a Christian in the Oval Office—He simply requires we respect those in authority because, at the end of the day, they wouldn’t be there if He didn’t allow it anyway. I just think that members of the Body of Christ focus way too much on the little details sometimes. I’ve heard it said this way: We tend to major in the minors. And what that means is that we lose sight of the bigger picture because we get bent out of shape by someone saying things like, they think it’s a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body. The list goes on! My thing is: since when does someone else’s actions determine how you live your life? We’re waiting on a “Christian” to rise up as President instead of us rising up and walking out love the way God intended. But see, we don’t want that responsibility. We want it on someone else so the consequences of tough decisions don’t fall back on us. You know what this is? Idolatry, which the Bible clearly speaks against. People wouldn’t admit that’s what they’re doing, but it is. Anytime you place a man or woman on a pedestal and make them the “head honcho” above all else…making their word more valuable in your life than others’…you’ve just placed them above God, which is a recipe for disaster.

All any of us can do is roll with the punches, as they say. Some of you feel like your world is over now, but I’m just glad I don’t put that much faith in a MAN. My trust is in Someone much, MUCH greater. God is the Head of my life and will continue to be—no matter who’s in office. Even in this, God has a plan. God knew what the outcome would before any of this ever came about, so He’s not caught off guard. We just have to get on one accord with Him and realize that His ways are not like ours–they’re superior! Besides, you neverrrrr know what all of this will truly pan out to be like. Donald Trump may not even make it to the White House (don’t get crazy and think I’m saying I’m going to bring harm to him or anything like that. NO. That is not what I’m saying. You have to be clear about these things nowadays). What I’m saying is: all the mess with him and these lawsuits for these tax/money issues and these women—you never know where that’s headed. You never know, he might even change his mind! (Doubt it…just leaving room for the fact that it could happen). He may get impeached. He may not win a second term. The point is, just keep trusting in God—not man. Situations like this are real…and hard—especially for those of us who already don’t experience the same treatment as white men like Donald Trump. But I don’t rely on him or anybody else to validate me, so I’m not worried. I choose to trust God and trust HIS plans! Because HE is the only one truly in charge.


Philippians 4:

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

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